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Who Should Read This Book

  • Young Professionals
  • Spenders Who Want to Save
  • Savers
  • Married Couples
  • Widowers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Those Who Want To Secure Financial Future

Book Benefits

  • Secure your financial future
  • Understand retirement accounts
  • Protect your family’s finances
  • Fix and better manage credit and debt
  • Set yourself up for your dream retirement
  • Create better money management habits
  • Understand which insurances are best for you
  • Comprehend estate planning

Book Bio

How To Not Die Broke is a book that helps others look into their life to ponder where they want to financially be in the near and distant future. It encourages them to pay attention to their financial plans, or lack thereof. Even more, How To Not Die Broke is an interactive book for the reader to answer self-reflecting financial questions then immediately apply what they learn.

Through this book and the exercises therein, the reader will become aware of dangerous assumptions they make about their financial security, aspects of their finances they are overlooking, and detrimental money habits. As a Financial Advisor, Lisa sees firsthand how most people are unprepared simply because they lack the knowledge about the many realms of finances and planning.

It is Lisa’s goal to help her readers become financially secure by first becoming aware of their current situation then achieving their ultimate financial goals, and finally being able to live peacefully knowing their loved ones and their financial future is secure.

Some of the chapters in this book include:

  • Can You Afford It?
  • Debt & Credit
  • Planning for The Unexpected
  • Lessons Learned Through History
  • Assumptions Can Lead to Devastation
  • Sacrifice
  • Seeking Help
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Insurance
  • Leaving a Legacy



“Hi, Lisa. I want to let you know I read your book and truly enjoyed it. I think it should be required reading for high school students. I wish I had known the importance of investing at a much younger age, especially when I had the opportunity to contribute to a 401(k) early on. I felt I couldn’t afford it. Looking back, I couldn’t afford not to. I look forward to the rest of your book.”

“This book is AMAZING! How To Not Die Broke is so easy to read and understand. I related to every chapter and feel much more secure about my financial future after reading this book. You will, too.”

“I’ve read many “self-help” and “instructional” books and manuals throughout the years. This volume speaks on a level that will hit very close to home with many readers. I also think this should be required reading at the high school level.”

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Author Bio

Now a Financial Advisor, Lisa Casillo was raised in Mokena, Illinois by her grandmother and great grandmother. Her great grandmother came to America from Italy when she was just five years old, and both grandmothers taught her their Italian family traditions. To be with her mother, Lisa travelled to Florida every year for summers and holidays.

Before her success as a Financial Advisor, Lisa married young and became a mother before her 18th birthday. After her first child was born, she moved from Illinois to Florida to be closer to her mother. Lisa divorced young, leaving her to raise her two young children alone. During this time, she attended college and worked as a full-time waitress. It was at the University of Central Florida where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders. In 2009, she moved to Massachusetts, changed careers, and fell in love with helping others secure their financial futures.

When not working, Lisa can be found traveling to spend time with her kids, Alex and Gabrielle; grandkids, Finley and Winston. Her faithful pets include her Old English Sheep Dog, Kai, and her orange cat, Fizgig. Even more, she loves spending time with her spouse Paul while doing things such as traveling, hiking, and kayaking during her favorite time of the year, Spring. Lastly, her guilty pleasure is her love for always having the perfect unusual shoe for each fashionable day.

Lisa is also a Radio Host of Connecting Worcester Style in Worcester, Massachusetts. Moreover, she is the Founder of Women Connecting Worcester Style networking group where the focus is women helping women achieve their career aspirations through support and sharing successes.

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